About Paperless Digital Solutions, Charlotte, NC

Since 2002, we have scanned and converted tens of millions of documents.

In 2002, while working at an architectural firm, our founder noticed how much time was wasted by searching through file cabinets and archives looking for files that were often misplaced or damaged, resulting is a tremendous amount of wasted resources. Realizing that there must be a better way to store and retrieve records, she started Paperless Digital Solutions.

About Paperless Digital Solutions in Charlotte, North Carolina

Over the years as our operations grew, we became able to provide more service while maintaining our high standards. We started as a home-based business that scanned less than 20,000 records in our first year, but by 2008, we started scanning over 1 million records annually.

Since the beginning, our growth has resulted from referrals starting with our very first client. Today, our client list includes:

  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
  • Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds
  • Kootenai County Registrar’s Office (ID)
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
  • Roper-St. Francis Hospital (Charleston, SC)
  • NC Services for the Blind
  • Zande Homes
  • Bovis Lend Lease
  • National Commission for Certifying Agencies (Washington, D.C.)
  • Little Diversified Architects
  • Mergent Inc. (a subsidiary of The London Stock Exchange Group)
  • And many more

We have provided services to clients in California, Florida, Louisiana, Ohio, many other states, and even Canada. Our reputation for providing exceptional quality and service is well known and recognized in Charlotte, North Carolina and beyond.

We use the latest hardware and software, and all work is done in house by our associates — we do not outsource any tasks. Additionally, all our scans can be converted to commonly used file types, so they can easily be shared without the expense of buying specialized or proprietary software that some companies require.

If you would like to know more about our document conversion capabilities, please contact us!