10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Skip Out on Digital Scanning Services [infographic]

At Paperless Digital Solutions, we’re here to move your documents into the digital world! Here are 10 reasons why you should have us convert your documents into digital format instead of letting them remain as paper files:

1.  Free up more office space—Tired of piles of paper and file cabinets taking up your office space? Digitizing your files frees up all that space for other purposes.

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Skip Out on Digital Scanning Services [infographic]

2. Improve your data security—Protecting the security of hardcopy information can be tough, but you can easily encrypt, password protect, and store scanned documents on a secure server.

3.  Protect important data and information—You want to preserve your business’ documents for years to come. Choosing to digitize your files prevents them from physical deterioration over the years.

4.  Easily meet regulatory and legal obligations—Submitting documentation for legal and regulatory requirements is simple when you can quickly compile electronic documents.

5.  Enhance the way your staff collaborates—When your documents are in digital format, it makes it easy for your staff to share them, view them, and access them.

6.  Boost your customer service—By keeping your documents in digital format, it easier to get important information to your clients quickly.

7.  Recover faster after a disaster—Paper documents are vulnerable to floods, fires, and theft. On the other hand, scanned documents can be backed up to a hard drive or stored in the cloud.

8.  Get rid of paper clutter—Paper clutter can hamper productivity in your office, but a streamlined digitized file system can help your employees work better and more efficiently.

9.  Contribute to a greener planet—When you use less paper to run your business, you help out the planet at the same time!

10. Save time and frustration—If you’ve put in hours upon hours searching for files, scanning and digitizing your documents can help you locate them quickly and easily.