Document Preparation Tips for Going to a Digital Office

Ready to go digital? You won’t regret it! The choice to move to a paperless office space provides many benefits. You will be able to free up storage space, digitize documents, and create a modern system for your files. Here are a few recommendations we have to help you organize and strategize as you prepare documents for digitization.

successful document preparation

  • Take Inventory- First, take a look at what needs to be digitized. It is important to get an idea of the volume of documents that you need to scan. This will help you understand the scale of the project so you can set expectations for the time it will take to complete and the financial investment. This is the first step for successful document preparation.
  • Get Organized- Next, think about what you need to do to organize the information. When paper documents are scanned, digital copies still need to be labeled and organized. Do you want the digital filing system to match the paper filing system?
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Items- Before you begin digitizing documents, there is another important element of document preparation. It is a good idea to throw out unnecessary documents. There is no need to continue storing unnecessary documents in a paperless office! This may save time and money in the document scanning process.

Once you have taken these steps, our staff at Paperless Digital Solutions can assist with the document preparation process for your business. We will provide final instructions and help you move to a paperless office with ease.