Document Shredding, Charlotte, NC

Clear out your office’s document clutter with shredding services.

Overflowing storage boxes, supply rooms, and filing cabinets present a risk to you and your business. With our referral service, we can get you the help you need at great price with our one of our referral partners. They’ll help you remove this risk and clear out the clutter.

Document Shredding in Charlotte, North Carolina

From personnel records to financial reports dated anywhere from a few weeks ago to decades ago, your business accumulates a significant amount of paper. Scanning these forms into digital format is a great idea, but what do you do with the paper copies afterward? Since throwing these documents in the trash could violate privacy laws, we help you deal with clutter the smart way with our document destruction partners. Whatever type of documents you need to get rid of, no matter the amount, we guarantee complete security of your documents and superior document shredding solutions.

Before we move forward with the document shredding process, please note that we can also take care of the process of scanning your documents and converting them to digital format for easy access and retrieval moving forward. We review each page prior to scanning and if necessary, remove creases, ink seals, and anything else that is necessary to achieve a quality scan. During the scanning process, we preview each page before saving it, and lastly, during the final assembly, we again review each page.

We handle your documents with care. Reach out to us at Paperless Digital Solutions for more information about our document shredding partners in Charlotte, North Carolina!