Indexing, Charlotte, NC

Indexing is the important step that makes document retrieval possible and easy.

The problem with some of the earliest systems for scanning documents and other media into a digital format is locating what you need afterward easily. Here at Paperless Digital Solutions, we employ indexing technology, so this is not an issue. When indexing has been accomplished, it is easier to find the documents you need than it would be if they were all properly filed in filing cabinets.

Indexing in Charlotte, North Carolina

Indexing is useful for a wide variety of document retrieval situations, such as locating a medical record for a patient that has returned to your office after years have passed by or trying to find a document when all you can remember is a keyword, date, or other snippet of information. When we start a document digitization project with you, we go over the indexing choices that will be the most useful for your Charlotte, North Carolina business for optimal document retrieval.

We can convert several different types of documentation to a digital format, including 35mm slides and negatives, blueprints, medical records, microfilm, aperture cards, letters, microfiche, drawings and maps, and more. We take privacy very seriously so you can be confident your documents will be securely digitized with the appropriate indexing.

If you have any questions about indexing and our digital solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to discussing your digital conversion needs.


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