Record Archiving, Charlotte, NC

Some records are critical to keep forever, so entrust them to our record archiving service to digitize them for easy storage and retrieval.

Record archiving is not only a convenience for any type of business, it can also be thought of as a profound responsibility in several situations. Imagine needing a copy of your birth certificate or high school transcript and finding out those records were lost in a fire or flood! Here at Paperless Digital Solutions, we help government agencies, corporations, and municipalities safeguard important documents with our record archiving services. We can digitize anything from paper documents to microfilm and microfiche so they can become safeguarded for retrieval at any time.

Record Archiving in Charlotte, North Carolina

Unlike physical documents that can only be safeguarded through a lengthy process of copying and storing offsite, a digital copy can be shared to many different places easily, so you never need fear about one backup being lost and now all is lost. With our record archiving, we can send you the digital files to place in several locations.

Another benefit of digital record archiving is the ease in which a specific record can be retrieved. Going back to the example of high school transcripts, you’d be able to access a student’s record with just their name, even if they had forgotten the years they attended. The same goes for a birth certificate where you might have limited information for the search, such as just one parent’s name or the date of birth.

If you have any questions about our record archiving service in the Charlotte, North Carolina area or elsewhere in the country, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.