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Paperless Digital Solutions is the premier provider of document conversion services. Our team has the capability and experience to move your documents into the digital world. We can provide conversion services at our facilities or at your location. PDS has the answer to you conversion needs. Since 2002, we have converted tens of millions of records for clients throughout the United States. We use the very best equipment and experienced personnel to insure that every project is successful.

Maintaining documents in digital format uses minimal storage space and they can be easily shared. PDS has been working for the past 16 years to help achieve document conversion and retention goals. We have scanned everything from 300 year old onion-skin documents to 30 day old operations manuals. No job is too small or too big. usascanning

Why Paperless:

There are many factors in determining whether or not to outsource your scanning project. Most often, outsourcing these projects results in lower costs, better quality and shorter completion times. Here are some reasons to consider outsourcing your project to Paperless Digital Solutions:

Cost - As a full service provider, we continue to evaluate and invest in the best equipment available on the market today. Our knowledge of the technology and expertise of our staff enables us to provide you with the most competitive pricing and turnaround times.

Quality - Our equipment and experience produces the highest quality results. Many projects that are completed in-house are of poor quality that render the scans useless and may ultimately need to be outsourced to correct the errors.

Completion - Many in-house projects can be a distraction and a time drain on staff and management. By outsourcing to Paperless Digital Solutions our clients can maintain their focus on their core business and leave the rest to us. usascanning

Did you Know...

usascanning One disc can hold more than 60,000 documents
usascanning Filing or retrieving documents can cost as much as $20 in labor*
usascanning Finding a misfiled document can cost as much as $125 in labor*
usascanning Professionals spend 50% of their time looking for material and only 5 to 10% of their time actually reading it*
usascanning 7.5% of all documents get lost or misfiled*

*source: The Journal of Accountancy


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